Golf activities further enhance the family and friendly atmosphere of the Club.  Golf members can participate in organized group activities or also arrange for their own golf group outing.  Individuals not electing to participate in organized golf functions are still able to golf every day without any course restrictions since tournaments are limited to either mornings or afternoons.  Competition prizes range from nominal amounts for weekly events to more substantial amounts in larger tournaments and are awarded in the form of either prizes or ‘sweeps’.  Sweeps can be used to purchase merchandise offered in The S at Rancho Mirage & Apparel Shop.  The following is a list of select scheduled The S at Rancho Mirage’s golf activities.

  • Free golf clinics
  • Golf and Dine
  • Fun 9 and 18 Events added throughout the season
  • Couples Golf Tournament (Weekly on Sunday)
  • Men’s Club (Weekly on Wednesday mornings just by showing up/calling 30 minutes prior to the scheduled shotgun start)
  • Ladies Day (Weekly Thursday morning)
  • Putters (Weekly Wednesday morning)
  • Women’s 9 hole group (Weekly Monday morning)
  • Men’s Annual Club Championship
  • Women’s Annual Club Championship
  • Men’s Member – Member Annual Tournament
  • Women’s Member – Member Annual Tournament
  • Men’s Member – Guest Annual Tournament, in addition to periodic guest days
  • Women’s Member – Guest Annual Tournament, in addition to periodic guest days
  • Men’s Fall Team *
  • Women’s Fall Team *
  • Season Opening Annual Tournament
  • Canadian – American Annual Tournament
  • Mixed Couples Annual Tournament
  • Play with the Pros, leisurely play with the professional staff throughout the season
  • The S North Tournament, annual 2 day golf summer event reflects the Club’s unique camaraderie where members reengage at a venue in Canada or elsewhere in the United States

* The Fall teams provide members the opportunity to compete with and play at other local valley private clubs